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The river is full of small islands which give you the privacy and experience of direct nature. A wide range of waterfalls, rapids, and lagoons give you the unrepeatable experience of swimming and staying in the river.

The surroundings of Hrvatska Kostajnica are ideal for cycling. The routs are well marked, and on the cycling maps you have all the information about the length, difficulty and necessary time for reaching your goal.

Our recommendation is to go upstream by the river Una in the direction of Dvor on Una and for the duration of the ride enjoy the beauty of the river because the road is following its flow. After 7km you can rest or organizer a picnic on our property with the remains of an old watermill where with one of the most hidden and beautiful beaches in the parts where the nature is purely untouched.

River Una is rich with fish so fishing is possible in all its parts.

For fishing you need to buy a fishing licanse at the local fishing society.

As the river is the border between Croatia and BiH it is preferable to have your documents with you.

The river is ideal for kayaking and canoeing. It is not difficult for rowing and i relatively calm which allows  longer training sessions. Children born by the river excellent rowers and there is a kayak and canoeing club in the city that won many national and intentional rewards in rowing.

On our beautiful terrace by the river you can enjoy in preparing difrent dishes for which you have all the necessary equipment and tools. Alternatvly we can by demand in our organizaztion prepare a variety of traditional local dishes with the tasting of top local vines.

The main island in the town is located right across the house and i the favorite place of locals and guests for swimming, camping, whole day picnics, fishing.. You have tables and benches, grills, sheds, volleyball, mini football on it. From the house it is possible to cross to the island by using the shallows shoals in the river. It is recommended to have water shoes.

Around the town on the local hills are organised routs for walking and educational routs. The routs are marks on maps and in the nature. This is also o chance to climb the hill Djed, enjoy the fascinating view on the valley of the river Una and finish your walk with the local specialties in the restaurant „DJED“.

The forests in the vicinity of Hrvatska Kostanjinca are rich with wild animals, especially wild boars, deer and rabbits. Hunting grounds are marked and are under the control of the manager. We will gladly connect you to the hunting associations which will give you complete information about the possibility of hunting