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2+1 beds

The main apartment is for the socialization of multiple family's in out house. It is over 120m². Except for the master bedroom and bathroom for 2 people, the apartment has a big living room of 80m² that has communication with the outer terrace of 100m² and the river right in front of it. The kitchen and pantry are equipped with all appliances and utensils for food preparation. The dining table is provided for 10 people and, if necessary, it is possible to take extra tables. The outdoor grill is equipped with kettles and accessories for preparing traditional specialties. There are tv sat, wifi, additional bed, terrace tables, swing, sun loungers, Jacuzzi-hot bath, outdoor shower, two person canoe, two kayaks and one bicycle. In the front of the module in the shared corridor there is a special sanitary node for all guests. 

2+2 beds

The apartment is completely separated from the common rooms. It is intended for 2 + 2 persons. The apartment provides peace and privacy when you are tired of sharing. The apartment is 40m² and consists of a bedroom for two persons, a bathroom and a toilet, a hallway, a kitchen and a living room with two additional beds. Enjoy the beautiful view from the balcony. The kitchen is equipped with a set of utensils and dishes for food preparation. There is wi-fi, tv and portable air conditioning available.


2+2 Beds

This 45m apartment is for 2 + 2 persons. This apartment also has its own entrance and a small yard, and the balcony offers a beautiful view of the river and the castle. The kitchen is stocked with cooking utensils. There are two extra beds in the living room and in the separate master bedroom there is a double bed. The apartment still has a corridor toilets and a bathroom. There is wi-fi, tv and portable air conditioning available.

6 beds

The apartment is located in the attic, it is planned to accommodate 4 + 2 persons. It has two bathrooms, a kitchen and a lounge. It is ideal for younger people who, with complete comfort, can enjoy it separately from their parents.